PT Link, Pre-Treatment Module for Tissue Specimens

PT Link, Pre-Treatment Module for Tissue Specimens

PT Link allows the entire pre-treatment process of deparaffinization, rehydration and epitope retrieval to be combined into a well-documented, 3-in-1 specimen preparation procedure.

With PT Link, pathology laboratories can maximize productivity by reducing the number of operations needed in the pre-treatment process, while saving time by using the same slide rack from pre-treatment all the way through the immunohistochemical staining.

Quality control reports from the pre-treatment process can be printed directly from the user-friendly software, while additional confidence in the procedures come from features such as no-boil option and low-fluid warning at 5 mm below the frosted label area of a slide.

Options such as delayed start and preheat mode provide the flexibility that is required to make pre-treatment work in parallel with other processes.

Hardware Specifications
Pre-treatment tanks: 2

Total slide capacity: 48 (each tank holds 24 slides in 2 Autostainer slide racks)

Dimensions: 10.5″ W x 25.5″ D x 10″ H (0.26 m W x 0.65 m D x 0.26 m H)

Weight: 12 kg (25 lb)

Electrical specifications: 240 V, 60 Hz

Normal operating temperature: 15-30 °C (59-86 °F)

Temperature range for target retrieval mode: 65-102 °C (149-216 °F)

Temperature range for preheat mode: 30-85 °C (86-185 °F)

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