Cary 620 FTIR Microscopes

Cary 620 FTIR Microscopes

The Agilent Cary 610 and Cary 620 FTIR Microscopes and Chemical Imaging systems represent the latest in cutting-edge performance. Leveraging off the latest in technological developments, the systems now deliver unparalleled spatial resolution and sensitivity, which coupled with a wide range of options, provide flexibility to suit applications ranging from routine measurements to cutting-edge analytical development.

The Cary 610 is a single point FTIR microscope, capable of mapping, while the Cary 620 is a Focal Plane Array (FPA) chemical imaging FTIR microscope.

With the option to couple the microscope to either a research-grade Cary 660 FTIR or top of the range, air bearing, Cary 670 FTIR spectrometer, you get two instruments in one – a research FTIR spectrometer and an FTIR microscope

The Cary 610 microscope can be upgraded to a Cary 620 at a later date, giving flexibility for when application needs change

  • Achieve spatial resolution and data quality comparable with that of a synchrotron with Agilent’s innovative, high magnification optics.
  • The Agilent 600 series instruments deliver over 400% more energy than any other FTIR system, ensuring the highest quality data with details you may never have seen before.
  • A unique 4x IR objective ensures that small features can be quickly and easily detected over a large area without moving the sample – all within minutes.
  • Use Agilent’s unique “Live ATR Imaging mode” to measure delicate samples in minutes by eliminating time-consuming, sample preparation techniques such as resin embedding.
  • Materials applications include defect analysis of polymers, coatings and thin films.
  • Detect subtle chemical changes, without staining, in tissues and cells, allowing improved and earlier disease detection.
  • Measure live cells in water.
  • Identify defects in semiconductor wafers and electronic components.

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