Cary 610 FTIR Microscopes

Cary 610 FTIR Microscopes

The Cary 610 is a single point FTIR microscope, capable of mapping, while the Cary 620 is a Focal Plane Array (FPA) chemical imaging FTIR microscope.

With the option to couple the microscope to either a research-grade Cary 660 FTIR or top of the range, air bearing, Cary 670 FTIR spectrometer, you get two instruments in one – a research FTIR spectrometer and an FTIR microscope.

The Cary 610 can be upgraded to a Cary 620 at a later date, providing flexibility for when application needs change.

  • Superb imaging sensitivity at high spectral and spatial resolutions.
  • A range of multi-measurement modes are available including transmission, reflection, Attenuated Total Reflectance (ATR) and grazing angle.
  • Premium quality imaging accessories such as the Grazing Angle Objective Accessory and the Slide-on ATR Accessory.
  • Patented ‘view-thru’ apertures that enable the operator to easily view the macroscopic sample and quickly select the area of interest for measurement.
  • Controlled through with a versatile and intuitive software environment enabling easy FTIR microscopy for users of all levels.
  • Complete access to raw data is made available at all stages. This enables efficient processing and generation of infrared images eliminating the need to recollect data and saving valuable time and money.
  • The system offers the ability to easily upgrade to the Cary 620-FTIR for improved operating flexibility to meet changing microscopy and imaging needs.

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