490-PRO Micro GC

The Agilent 490-PRO Micro GC gives you faster, more repeatable monitoring and control of your processes. The portable gas chromatograph is designed for process controlled applications, to be a system component which can operate unattended. Arrives pre-configured, factory tested for your analysis and ready to go. You can reconfigure in the field for new applications in minutes with plug and play GC channels.

  • Powerful PROstation software allows you to quickly set up and optimize the initial analysis method, calibrate and validate the application. Then, the computer is disconnected and the on-board data handling system takes over complete operation of the 490-PRO Micro GC.
  • Autonomous Operation offers continuous operation, after initial setup, the raw or processed results are automatically transferred to an external system, typically a process control computer via one of a variety of industry-standard communication protocols, including ModBus, RS-485, TCP/IP, RS-232, and FTP-Webserver.
  • Safe operation is ensured in critical environments where operation safety is of paramount importance because the 490-Pro Micro GC does not use any flammable gases and requires only small quantities of inert sample gas for analysis and monitoring.
  • Fast, precise gas analysis in seconds, not minutes achieved through the use of narrow-bore capillary, PLOT or micro-packed columns to bring improved product quality and more exact product valuation to your applications.
  • Quick and easy start up so you can get the results and ruggedness you demand in the lab and in the field. Start-up is quick, easy and seamless with electronic data sheets to store operational history and the last method used for each GC channel. You can move from location to location and get results in minutes.
  • Flexibility to run in the laboratory, at-line or on-line with up to four independent analytical GC channels, each with pneumatics, injector, column and detector. Quickly reconfigure for any application including oil and gas exploration, refining, natural gas production and distribution, fuel cell development, and specialty gas production.
  • Increase Monitoring Frequency through micro-electronic gas control with time-programmable backflush so you can inject samples while eliminating components that could foul the column and reduce lifetime. Extremely fast analysis for continuous process monitoring and control ensures faster and better decisions which lead to higher quality end-products.
  • Long term reliability is achieved through advanced micro-machining components for the injector and thermal conductivity detector.

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